Site Visits: Saturday in Festelita

As I've mentioned a couple of times, we visited our future sites this weekend.  I met my school director in Chisinau a little before 8:00 on Saturday morning (which meant getting the 6:30 rutiera from Costesti).  I was pretty proud of myself for making it to the Stefan cel Mare monument, our designated meeting place, … Continue reading Site Visits: Saturday in Festelita

Life Lately 7/4/16

First, Happy 4th of July!!!  I spent the afternoon with some volunteer friends at a local restaurant just hanging out and enjoying our afternoon free of classes! This was a busy week!  We had our regular language and technical classes Monday and Tuesday, our first language assessment on Wednesday, our hub site day in Chisinau … Continue reading Life Lately 7/4/16

Life Lately 6/26/16

This week was another busy week of language and technical training!  I think this week was the hardest in terms of language that we've had so far.  We learned a LOT of new vocabulary, grammar, and such, and it was hard to get our brains to remember it all. Here's what we covered in language … Continue reading Life Lately 6/26/16

Moldovan Wedding

I got to experience my first Moldovan wedding this week!  It was definitely interesting, to say the least! Moldovan weddings start in the morning, generally on a Friday, with the signing of documents and a short, simple church ceremony.  I got up fairly early to get dressed and do my hair and such.  My host … Continue reading Moldovan Wedding

Life Lately 6-19-16

This week has been a very busy, full week.  I've had language and technical classes  almost every day, I've helped my host family prepare for my host cousin's wedding, I went to Chisinau for a hub site day, I attended my first Moldovan wedding, and I visited a few Moldovan monasteries! It was overall a … Continue reading Life Lately 6-19-16