Swearing In!

This past Friday was our swearing-in ceremony.  This is the moment we transition from being Peace Corps Trainees to actual Peace Corps Volunteers!  In the past, the different programs have had separate ceremonies at different times because the training for SED (Small Enterprise Development) and COD (Community Organization Development) is 2 weeks shorter than the … Continue reading Swearing In!

I Still Can’t Believe It!

Thirteen months ago (one year + one month) from today, I submitted my Peace Corps application.  Applying to the Peace Corps is a LONG process.  I know other volunteers here who started the process two plus years ago.  I applied on a whim after randomly ending up on the Peace Corps website.  A day after … Continue reading I Still Can’t Believe It!

Site Visits: Sunday in Festelita

I woke up around 7:30 on Sunday morning.  I slowly got ready, wrote in my journal, and then joined my host family for breakfast- which was similar to pancakes, but they were fried.  We then joined my school director, and drove to a nearby monastery. On our way to the monastery, we stopped to visit … Continue reading Site Visits: Sunday in Festelita