Walking Through Fields

One of my favorite things about Moldova are the fields that stretch on and on in every direction.  There are corn fields, wheat and other grain fields, and sunflower fields.  Even though these fields surround my village and there are roads and paths that cross through them, I very rarely have walked through them. On … Continue reading Walking Through Fields

I Still Can’t Believe It!

Thirteen months ago (one year + one month) from today, I submitted my Peace Corps application.  Applying to the Peace Corps is a LONG process.  I know other volunteers here who started the process two plus years ago.  I applied on a whim after randomly ending up on the Peace Corps website.  A day after … Continue reading I Still Can’t Believe It!

February Break at Home

I was home this past week for our February break.  Usually my break lines up with my mom's, who is a 2nd grade teacher, but this year, my break was a week later.  Oh well.  My brother came home the first weekend, and we all (well, minus my sister- she's in South Africa for the … Continue reading February Break at Home