Reflections on Moldova, 7 Years Later

I arrived in Moldova as a Peace Corps trainee seven years ago today. SEVEN years?! How is that even possible?? My experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova was life-changing, and I think about it (and Moldova in general) every day. My home is filled with items and photographs from my time there. I … Continue reading Reflections on Moldova, 7 Years Later

Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova

Northern Moldova, July 2017 It's been a while since I've written anything here, but I wanted to share a few things. First, and foremost, I want to provide some information about the situation in Moldova. Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Moldova has suddenly become a place that everyone has heard of. This is … Continue reading Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova

Going Home (to Moldova)

I recently returned from a fairly short trip back to Moldova to visit my host family. I spent about a week in my village. I arrived just over a year after I left Moldova at the end of my 2-year Peace Corps service there. I was blessed with cooler-than-normal summer temperatures (so thankful! a few … Continue reading Going Home (to Moldova)

Reflections on Moldova

It's been a little quiet on here the past few months. I left Moldova 9 months ago, and I'm still adjusting back to life in the United States and figuring out my next steps. I'm working as a long-term sub in a 5th grade classroom (which I'm enjoying and which is keeping me quite busy!), … Continue reading Reflections on Moldova

Goodbyes and New Beginnings

This is my last post as a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) in Moldova. As you read this, I'll already be a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, otherwise referred to as an RPCV, and be on a plane headed west. It's so strange to think that I have spent the past 25 months here in Moldova and … Continue reading Goodbyes and New Beginnings