My Travels

For blog posts about my travels (detailed, with photos), click on the photos below.

For more photos, check out my travel photography website here.

2022-07-15 18.14.56-01
United Kingdom 2022- Scotland & England
Scotland 2019- Christmas
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA 2019
Scotland and Ireland 2018
Iceland 2018
Romania and Moldova 2017
South Africa 2016
Peru 2014
Switzerland 2008

One thought on “My Travels

  1. Hi Beth,
    Your Grandmother (Jeri) told me of your blog. I am really excited to follow you in your work and travels and do hope to hear a lot from you. We will be trying to keep up with you and do wish you God’s blessings as you continue your work!
    Janet Schwengber and Maureeen

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