Future PCVs in Moldova

Are you applying to be a Peace Corps Volunteer here in Moldova?  Or perhaps have accepted an invitation to serve in Moldova?  As I was preparing to head to Moldova in the winter and spring of 2016, I found the blogs of current and past volunteers incredibly helpful on what to expect, what to pack, and simply what my life might look like in Moldova.  Although it is important to keep in mind that every volunteer’s town or village, work site, and experience is different, I’m hoping that the information here might be useful.  Of course, this is based on only my experiences, so you may find your experience to be totally different (and my experience is very different from those of my fellow volunteers).  This is general information, but please don’t see any of this as an indicator of what your future in Moldova will be like, only what it might be like! You can access information by clicking on any of the photos below.


My Advice to Future Volunteers:

A Typical Day as a School-Based PCV in Moldova: