Exploring Chattanooga, Tennessee

A few weeks ago, my family traveled to Tennessee to celebrate my cousin's marriage. It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to be together with extended family that, despite our best efforts, we see far too little of. It was a quick trip- just 3 1/2 days- but we had a free day … Continue reading Exploring Chattanooga, Tennessee

Travel in Moldova: My Village

After flying to Moldova, my parents drove their rented car to my village, where we spent the next three days.  This was one of the best parts of our trip, not because of all the cool sites we saw (although there were visits to our public library, my school, and walks to some sunflower fields) … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: My Village

Travel in Moldova: Overview

Our trip to Romania was book ended by time spent in Moldova, where I live and work.  Because our time in Moldova was split into two parts, the posts will not be in any particular order.  When my parents arrived, they first came to my village for a few days to spend some time with … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: Overview

Day 10 in South Africa: Elundini Backpackers and Hogsback

We got up pretty early.  The host at the backpackers made us "breakfast in a tin cup"- eggs, vegetables, and bacon.  We ate out on the porch of the communal space.  After breakfast, we packed the cars up and headed to Hogsback. We stopped at the only grocery store in Hogsback to grab some snacks … Continue reading Day 10 in South Africa: Elundini Backpackers and Hogsback