Travel in Moldova: Chisinau

If you've been following my adventures here in Moldova, I'm sure you've heard me mention Chisinau a fair amount of times.  Chisinau is the capital of Moldova and, though I've seen travel bloggers call it "The Most Boring Capital in the World" and other similar titles, I actually really like Chisinau.  It's a pretty small … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: Chisinau

A Mini Vacation: Chisinau

This weekend is yet another long weekend, thanks to the Moldovan holiday, Victory Day, tomorrow (Tuesday).  Another volunteer and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend to do some travel this weekend and then rest up on Monday and Tuesday back at site.  It was a jam-packed and really fun little break from school … Continue reading A Mini Vacation: Chisinau

A Weekend Trip: Chisinau and Criuleni

Two weeks ago on Friday, I headed to Chisinau and then on to Criuleni, where we had a yoga retreat.  When I arrived in Chisinau, it was snowing lightly, so I decided to walk around the city a bit to kill some time before I headed further north to Criuleni. As I walked, it started … Continue reading A Weekend Trip: Chisinau and Criuleni

IST Conference

Our M31 EE group had our IST (in-service training) this past week in the capital.  It was a busy 6 days of various sessions.  Last Saturday and Sunday we started off our IST with two days of language training along with the M31 HE (Health Education) volunteers.  We split up into groups of 5-6 volunteers … Continue reading IST Conference

Weekend in Chisinau with My Host Family

A week ago on Friday afternoon, as soon as I had finished my classes and eaten lunch, my host mom and I headed out for a weekend in Chisinau. Our trip to Chisinau took twice the usual amount of time. Our town only has rutieras (buses) to Causeni and Chisinau in the morning, so we … Continue reading Weekend in Chisinau with My Host Family