Moldovan Wedding #2

I was fortunate to attend my first Moldovan wedding just 3 weeks after I arrived in-country in 2016 (read about the wedding here).  That time, my host parents were the new couple's nanași (wedding godparents), so I was able to be super involved in the entire event: I helped the bride get dressed and ready, saw the … Continue reading Moldovan Wedding #2

Moldovan Wedding

I got to experience my first Moldovan wedding this week!  It was definitely interesting, to say the least! Moldovan weddings start in the morning, generally on a Friday, with the signing of documents and a short, simple church ceremony.  I got up fairly early to get dressed and do my hair and such.  My host … Continue reading Moldovan Wedding

Life Lately 6-19-16

This week has been a very busy, full week.  I've had language and technical classes  almost every day, I've helped my host family prepare for my host cousin's wedding, I went to Chisinau for a hub site day, I attended my first Moldovan wedding, and I visited a few Moldovan monasteries! It was overall a … Continue reading Life Lately 6-19-16