Travel in Romania: Breb Home Stay and the Return to Moldova

After spending our afternoon visiting some of the wooden churches, we headed to Breb, a small town further north.  Here, we had booked a home stay at a small farm.  The room was simple but clean and pretty, and the location was quiet and peaceful.  I loved that the little "cabin" we stayed in had … Continue reading Travel in Romania: Breb Home Stay and the Return to Moldova

Travel in Romania: Maramureş County [Wooden Churches]

We left Sighişoara in the morning and headed towards Maramureş County, which is in the north of Romania.  We were blessed with amazing views on our drive, which was a bit longer than we expected.  In the early afternoon, we reached the first of the wooden churches we visited.  The churches in this area were … Continue reading Travel in Romania: Maramureş County [Wooden Churches]

Travel in Romania: Sighişoara

We arrived in Sighişoara, a medieval walled town, in the early afternoon.  There is no parking within the walled town, so we parked down below the back gate entrance and walked up the hill to check out the town before our 2:00 check in.  This city is older and smaller than Braşov.  Parts of it … Continue reading Travel in Romania: Sighişoara

Travel in Romania: Rupea Fortress

While on our way from Braşov to our next destination, Sighişoara, we were driving through a town when we saw what appeared to be a large walled fortress on the hill above the town.  My dad thought he may have read about it while researching what to do in Romania, so we decided to check … Continue reading Travel in Romania: Rupea Fortress

Travel in Romania: Braşov

We arrived in Braşov in the early evening.  After checking into our hotel room and finding parking (which was a bit of a hassle), we immediately set out to explore the Braşov historic town, which was founded in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights.  We were quite hungry, so first on our list was to find … Continue reading Travel in Romania: Braşov