Travel in Romania: Rupea Fortress

While on our way from Braşov to our next destination, Sighişoara, we were driving through a town when we saw what appeared to be a large walled fortress on the hill above the town.  My dad thought he may have read about it while researching what to do in Romania, so we decided to check it out.  Thankfully the fortress, Rupea Fortress, was open, and when we arrived there were only a few other cars.

We spent about an hour or so exploring the fortress, which was fairly empty of other people until shortly before we left.  The outside walls, towers, and a few of the original houses have all been beautifully restored.  The fortress was built sometime before 1324 and is located at one of the oldest archaeological sites in Romania.It is believed to be built upon Dacian, the civilization in this area that preceded Roman rule, ruins.

Although only 5 houses have been restored, historians believe at least 400 people lived within the walls.  The citadel has sweeping views of the gorgeous mountain landscapes of Transylvania.  We really enjoyed the views and exploring the citadel.

Notes and tips about visiting Rupea Fortress:

  • The citadel is easy to view from the road and located pretty much midway between Braşov and Sighişoara.  You just have to follow the signs for “Cetaţii Rupea”- it’s very easy to get to.
  • There is adequate parking just outside the gates.
  • The entry fee was 10 RON (a little over $2) per adult.
  • We just explored on our own, but you can pay an additional price or an audio tour if you’d like.
  • We visited in the morning, around 11:00, which seemed to be a good time to visit with only a few other visitors.  By the time we left, a little after noon, it had become much more crowded.

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  1. Fun fact: Rupea Fortress is one of the oldest archaeological remains on the territory of Romania, the first signs of human settlements dating from the Paleotic and early Neolithic (5,500-3,500 BC). Of course, the actual fortress dates back to “only” the 14th century but still, it’s a place with lots of history!

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