Teachers Excursion to Saharna and Ţîpova

This past weekend, I joined the other teachers from my school on an "excursie" (field trip) to two monasteries in the northern part of Moldova, Saharna and Ţîpova.  We departed from our village in a rented rutiera (small bus) at 5:30 in the morning.  It was a bit over 3 hours from our village to … Continue reading Teachers Excursion to Saharna and Ţîpova

Mini-Vacation: Orhei Vechi

From Curchi Monastery, we continued on to Orhei Vechi, stopping briefly at a small monastery that was out of the way for a peek.  Then we continued on until we reached a vantage point.  Orhei Vechi is located in a large bowl-like valley, with cliffs on two sides and the river weaving along the edges. … Continue reading Mini-Vacation: Orhei Vechi

A Mini Vacation: Curchi Monastery

On Sunday morning, we headed towards Orhei Vechi, which is probably the most popular tourist destination in Moldova.  We had hired a guide, and both of us were really happy to ride in a comfortable, air-conditioned car instead of a rutiera! On our way, we stopped at Curchi Monastery.  The monastery was built in the … Continue reading A Mini Vacation: Curchi Monastery

Cultural Excursion: Moldovan Monasteries

Yesterday, following our language classes in the morning, the Peace Corps staff here in Moldova organized a cultural excursion to visit three Moldovan monasteries.  At each monastery, we went in the churches, explored the grounds, and a priest/monk/nun told us a bit about their faith and the history of the monastery. The first monastery we … Continue reading Cultural Excursion: Moldovan Monasteries