Perfect Single-Serving Homemade Lemonade

**This is a modified version of a contributing post I did over at Inchoate, my brother's blog.  We are compiling a list of 1,000 things everyone should know how to do. One of the things I have most enjoyed this summer is making single-serving lemonade every once and awhile.  Lemons are expensive and I try … Continue reading Perfect Single-Serving Homemade Lemonade

‘Tis the Season: St. Lucia’s Day

When I was young (I think about 1st or 2nd grade), I was obsessed with the American Girl books.  I remember reading one of the books about Kirsten, in which her family celebrated St. Lucia's Day, a Swedish holiday on December 13th.  Although we aren't Swedish, we decided to incorporate holiday into our Christmas holiday … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season: St. Lucia’s Day