Less Than Two Weeks…

I'm finally past the two-weeks-until-Peace-Corps-staging point.  In just a week and a half, I'll be heading to Philadelphia for staging.  Staging is a 2-3 days of training that occurs in the United States before you depart to your country of service.  In other words, staging is the point at which you say goodbye to all … Continue reading Less Than Two Weeks…

Film Photography (Round 2)

I can't believe my final semester of college is almost over!  I only have three weeks of classes left!  We're now wrapping up working with film in my photography course.  In the next few weeks, we'll be putting together our portfolios, working on our digital portfolio (10 photos that have a common theme/color/etc.), and working … Continue reading Film Photography (Round 2)

February Break at Home

I was home this past week for our February break.  Usually my break lines up with my mom's, who is a 2nd grade teacher, but this year, my break was a week later.  Oh well.  My brother came home the first weekend, and we all (well, minus my sister- she's in South Africa for the … Continue reading February Break at Home

Fall is My Favorite

When it comes to seasons, fall is my favorite (spring and winter are next, then summer).  The gorgeous fall leaves, the cold (or warm) apple cider, the sweaters and blankets, the way the air smells, and the crisp temperatures all make me happy.  I'm lucky to live (both at home and at college) in a … Continue reading Fall is My Favorite