Film Photography (Round 2)

I can't believe my final semester of college is almost over!  I only have three weeks of classes left!  We're now wrapping up working with film in my photography course.  In the next few weeks, we'll be putting together our portfolios, working on our digital portfolio (10 photos that have a common theme/color/etc.), and working … Continue reading Film Photography (Round 2)

Film Photography

I'm taking a lot of art-related classes this term (1 music class, 3 studio art classes, and 2 art history classes).  One of the classes I'm taking is a photography class.  The class is primarily film, although we will do some digital photography towards the end of the term (which is actually fast approaching!).  I … Continue reading Film Photography

Homemade Granola + Some Thoughts

On Monday, I realized we didn't have any granola to make a yogurt parfait with.  Although we have a grocery store in town, it isn't the cheapest place to buys products like granola, so it seemed as if I might have to wait until the next trip to a town 40 minutes away where we … Continue reading Homemade Granola + Some Thoughts