Homemade Granola + Some Thoughts


On Monday, I realized we didn’t have any granola to make a yogurt parfait with.  Although we have a grocery store in town, it isn’t the cheapest place to buys products like granola, so it seemed as if I might have to wait until the next trip to a town 40 minutes away where we typically buy our groceries.  Then, I thought “Why not make my own?”  I looked up a recipe on good ole Pinterest.  I found this simple recipe from Like Mother Like Daughter, and decided to try it out.  I followed her recipe almost exactly.  The only change I made was using maple syrup instead of honey (I used the same amount as with honey), since we were out of honey.  I think it turned out really great.  The biggest difference appears to be that it didn’t clump together at all.  It is also a little sweeter and has a bit of a maple syrup taste.  I am really pleased with how it all turned out.  


When I went to take some photographs, I started thinking about expectations.  I always think that if I’m going to write a post, it needs to be perfect.  If I’m going to include photographs, they need to be perfect.  I realized that having a perfect blog isn’t going to make me a better person or help me enjoy life more.  I think having good photographs on my blog is important, but you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t really one of my priorities.  I want this blog to be for me, not for others.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want others to read it or that I don’t want regular readers, but simply that what I write needs to be me, and needs to be for me.  Other people might be turned away from my blog because it doesn’t have perfect photographs or because I don’t post often enough.  But that is okay.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI worked a bit more today on styling my photographs and making them pretty.  I didn’t have a ton of photos that I’m pleased with, but I got a couple of decent shots out of the ones I took.  I especially like the one at the top of this post.  Although great photos aren’t necessary, it is something I want to work on, because I do think it brings the aesthetic of my blog closer to where I want it to be.  That doesn’t mean every post will have great photos, but I will try my best to include better photos more often.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Granola + Some Thoughts

  1. Your granola looks super yummy! I’m glad you liked the recipe, sorry it didn’t clump more for you. Still looks good. And I’ll have to try it with maple next time, sounds good!

    1. It was definitely yummy! I didn’t mind that it didn’t clump much because I mostly use it in parfaits :).

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