There’s So Much More Beneath the Surface

I went to an art museum today for one of my classes.  There are only two other students in the class and one was unable to go, so the other student and I drove up and met our teacher there.  After giving us our assignment, she let us explore on our own for however long … Continue reading There’s So Much More Beneath the Surface

Changing Seasons

I've been thinking ahead a lot lately.  It's that time of year when even the winter lovers are yearning for spring.  I've always loved winter, but I miss the abundant sunshine, the warmth, the ability to wear flip flops outside.  And all of this wishful thinking has led me to really think about the different … Continue reading Changing Seasons

Homemade Granola + Some Thoughts

On Monday, I realized we didn't have any granola to make a yogurt parfait with.  Although we have a grocery store in town, it isn't the cheapest place to buys products like granola, so it seemed as if I might have to wait until the next trip to a town 40 minutes away where we … Continue reading Homemade Granola + Some Thoughts