Fall is My Favorite

2015-10-12 12.40.24

When it comes to seasons, fall is my favorite (spring and winter are next, then summer).  The gorgeous fall leaves, the cold (or warm) apple cider, the sweaters and blankets, the way the air smells, and the crisp temperatures all make me happy.  I’m lucky to live (both at home and at college) in a place where fall is beautiful.

2015-10-12 12.42.07

Back home, fall is a busy time of year, yet it always feels like things go at a slightly slower pace.  There are high school soccer, field hockey, and football games, hikes in the brightly colored woods, and prep work for the coming winter.  People spend time with their families.  There is a pull to get outside, even if it’s to rake the leaves covering the yard.

2015-10-12 12.46.43

I went home last weekend for Columbus Day Weekend.  In just three days home, I helped my mom and sister make apple pies, went to a high school football game, hiked, went to a pumpkin patch, and loaded up wood for our woodstove.  Those are things I miss when I’m at college.

2015-10-17 17.25.00

Our college campus and the surrounding area are very beautiful in the fall as well.  I often don’t get outside as much here though, so I really relish the opportunities I get to be outside and enjoy the fall weather.

2015-10-17 16.39.20

This weekend, a few of my roommates and friends found a new place to walk about a 15-minute drive from campus.  It’s a rails-to-trails trail, so it’s pretty flat and it’s well-maintained.  If I ever get up the motivation to start running again, it would be a really nice place to run.  I definitely think I’ll go there again.

2015-10-17 16.04.36