Eu Iubesc Moldova! | I Love Moldova!

Earlier today I watched a short video an American who has traveled to every country in the world. The video included a picture and a short anecdote about each of the countries. It was an interesting peek into the various parts of the world. And then Moldova came up on the list...and I was so … Continue reading Eu Iubesc Moldova! | I Love Moldova!

Little Signs of Spring

I know it's only the second day of February and that means we still have a good bit of winter left, but the past week has given us little signs of spring.  I've heard some birds chirping, the weather has warmed up (though it'll drop back to freezing temperatures next week), the sun is shining, … Continue reading Little Signs of Spring

Winter Made a Surprise Return

The weather here has been consistently nice and warm for the past month or more.  That's typical for here, and snow in April (even a dusting) is extremely rare in Moldova.  On Thursday, however, we got hit with a really big snowstorm with high winds and cold temperatures.  According to the news, this is the … Continue reading Winter Made a Surprise Return

Life Lately in Moldova

Enjoying Spring: The weather has been absolutely gorgeous outside the past few weeks.  There have been a handful of cooler or rainy days, but for the most part, the days have been warm and sunny.  The winter wasn't really that long or hard compared to winter in upstate New York, but my mood has definitely been … Continue reading Life Lately in Moldova

Spring is Coming

Having been in Moldova for nearly nine months, I feel like I've more or less settled into life here.  Don't be fooled- it really does take quite a bit of time.  It feels like the past 9 months have flown by even though many days go rather slowly.  Last weekend, we had a language training … Continue reading Spring is Coming