Eu Iubesc Moldova! | I Love Moldova!

Earlier today I watched a short video an American who has traveled to every country in the world. The video included a picture and a short anecdote about each of the countries. It was an interesting peek into the various parts of the world. And then Moldova came up on the list…and I was so disappointed. There was a picture of a man ice fishing and the traveler simply said, “Very cold.” That’s it.

Why did this make me feel disappointed? I truly believe Moldova is a beautiful country, and although my time here has not been without its challenges, I’ve really loved the opportunity to live here for two years. If I could edit the video I watched this morning, I would say something like this: “It’s a beautiful country with sunflower fields stretching as far as the eye can see, and incredibly welcoming, wonderful people”. I would also recommend that this traveler return during the warmer months.

Winter is long and cold here, and while there are some snowy days with everything coated in a fresh layer of white snow that are really beautiful, Moldova presents its best self during the warmer months. In the past few weeks, Moldova has emerged fully from spring and begun to bloom. The grass is a vibrant green and daffodils and tulips are sprouting up in gardens throughout my village. The plentiful fruit trees are full of delicate white and pink blooms. Baby goats and lambs frolic in the fields. Garden plots have been plowed and planting has begun, showing the deep, nutrient soil. The birds are singing and the children can be heard outside laughing as they play.

Soon, summer will come, and those fields will be turned into various shades of green, tan, and yellow as the corn, wheat, and sunflowers grow. The days will be consistently hot, and the days will become a bit more lazy as people must take breaks at the hottest period of each day. Fresh juicy fruits and vegetables will fill the outdoor markets in every village, town, and city. The smell of barbecues will fill the air. Flowers of every kind will grow along fences and in front gardens.

I, for one, am very happy the warmer months have returned and with them, Moldova’s true beauty. So, if you’ve ever considered visiting Moldova, you might just be (pleasantly) surprised! Just maybe plan your trip for the spring or summer!

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