Last 100 Days, Days 75-71

As I’ve mentioned, I’m sharing a photo and a look back on my favorite memories in moments in Moldova for each of my last 100 days here.  I’m counting down, so here are days 75-71.  See all of my “Last 100 Days” posts here.

Day 75: Each October, Ziua Profesorului (Teacher’s Day) is celebrated with special celebrations. For my first Teacher’s Day, I traveled with the other teachers from my school to our district center for a concert. It was the first time I got to see the dance ensemble, made up of students from my school, perform- they are very talented! The next day, we had a large meal at the school to continue the celebration. (October 2016)
Day 74: In the center of Moldova’s capital city, Chisinau, there is a pretty park called Cathedral Park due to the church in the center. One fall day, I walked by as the leaves were changing color- it was gorgeous! (November 2016)
Day 73: One of the hardest parts of being abroad is missing out on American holidays and celebrations. For my first Thanksgiving abroad, I joined a group of volunteers in the town of Ungheni, located in the north-west of the country. We made and ate traditional Thanksgiving foods (with a twist) and enjoyed the company of one another! (November 2016)
Day 72: Moldova is beautiful in the summer and warmer months, but it can also be beautiful in cold, snowy weather. I spent an afternoon walking around central Chisinau one winter day, delighting in thick snowflakes falling down and the silence that snow always seems to bring. (December 2016)
Day 71: I had a fun time attending a yoga retreat hosted by some fellow volunteers in the town of Criuleni (slightly north-east of Chisinau). In addition to yoga and delicious food, I also got my first view of the Nistru river and enjoyed spending time with other volunteers. (December 2016)