The Travel Bug

8 years ago, in Yosemite National Park, California

Today, both Facebook and Google Photos gave me reminders of what I was doing on this day in past years, and it’s clear I was “bit by the travel bug” quite some time ago. 8 years ago I was in California at Yosemite National Park, 4 years ago I was in Peru (in Cusco), 2 years ago I was in South Africa, and now I’m in Moldova, where I will soon finish 2 years of Peace Corps service.

4 years ago, in Cusco, Peru

I’m incredibly lucky that my parents love to travel and made sure we traveled somewhere new each year, whether it was an hour from home or across the country. I doubt I would be in the Peace Corps now if it weren’t for them cultivating this love of travel and experiencing new places in me and my siblings. While I haven’t traveled as much as some of my fellow volunteers, I’m thankful for the trips I’ve taken and the places I’ve gotten to explore.

2 years ago, at Wilderness Beach, South Africa

I’m sure some of you are wondering “what’s next?”. Truthfully, I don’t know yet. But the first thing I’m planning to do when I finish is to travel somewhere in Europe (I’ll tell more about where later) together with my parents and brother (my sister, though jealous she won’t be going with us, will be on a trip of her own, also in Europe, so I don’t feel too bad for her). After that, I’ll be returning home, where I’m excited to attend a big family reunion and my cousin’s wedding in the first couple of weeks back in the United States. I’m giving myself some time to spend with friends and family, do the things and eat the foods I’ve missed, and adjust back to live in the USA before I figure out my next steps.