Photo a Day: Days 85-91

Week 13!

Day 85: Keeping warm while wearing mostly dresses requires lots of layers- like fleece lined leggings, fuzzy socks, and another pair of socks.
Day 86: One of my favorite Moldovan foods- pelemeni. These ones are stuffed with ground pork and chicken.
Day 87: I observed a Russian lesson with 8th grade students. Although I didn’t understand a word, it was interesting!
Day 88: Making posters for a U.S. state project during English Club. These 9th graders (and one 8th grader) chose California.
Day 89: If you look closely enough you can see little specks of snow- our first obvious snowfall this winter!
Day 90: 8th grade students work on their state poster during English Club- this group chose New York in hopes of winning the competition.
Day 91: The sun shines over a muddy road on a crisp but sunny day (a rarity this time of year in Moldova).

Photo a Day: Days 78-84

Week 12!

Day 78: A slightly belated but absolutely delicious Thanksgiving meal with new and old volunteer friends.
Day 79: Our cat likes to sleep in the warmth of my room.
Day 80: Preparing vocabulary cards for English Club. The topic was winter holidays.
Day 81: The view from the teacher’s room on a rainy day. There is a huge hole behind the school filled with the remains of a failed construction project to add more wings to the school.
Day 82: Some 7th grade students play dreidel at English Club after we discussed some different winter holidays.
Day 83: 8th grade students perform a hilarious dance/skit at the school’s celebration for Youth Day.
Day 84: The opening act of “Festival-Concurs Constelatia Talentelor” (Festival-Competition Constellation of Talents), which I attended with a bunch of my students and their dance ensemble (they performed later in the evening).

Photo a Day: Days 71-77

Week 11!

Day 71: Our dog, Rochie, sometimes likes to walk to school with me.
Day 72: Our cat discovered he can watch us in the kitchen (his favorite room) from the window.
Day 73: My host mom often leaves me boiled eggs on the days she leaves the house before I wake up. This morning, she also left me a note!
Day 74: We celebrated Hram (our Village Day) with a beautiful masa (holiday meal).
Day 75: Fresh rolls, right out of the oven in preparation of Thanksgiving celebrations.
Day 76: In English Club, we made hand turkeys with things we are thankful- I think this student was trying to get on my good side :).
Day 77: Our dog was sad he had to stay home while I went to the capital to celebrate Thanksgiving with other volunteers.

Photo a Day: Days 64-70

Week 10 (after a bit of a break from the project)!

Day 64: The view of our front flower garden and road from the kitchen window.
Day 65: Some of the last flowers before winter comes.
Day 66: Grape vines over our courtyard in front of the beginnings of a sunset.
Day 67: Students work together on a “research” project at our Tuesday English Club.
Day 68: Some students from our Wednesday English Club group works on a composition together.
Day 69: Our road was blocked for a few days by a large heap of dried corn stalks in front of the neighbors’ house.
Day 70: While walking home from school, I passed this horse, waiting for her owner to return.

Photo a Day: Days 57-63

Week 9!

Day 57: Dried flowers in the garden
Day 58: Homemade pancakes for breakfast, which I ate with pure maple syrup from home!
Day 59: Students participate in an activity during a homeroom class.
Day 60: Some last fall flowers in the front of our house.
Day 61: After waiting all spring and summer I finally went to the cizmar (cobbler) to get my boots repaired. The cost to get the heels repaired? $2.50
Day 62: Does anyone know what these are? They are found in the forest and my host dad was drying them. The blue ones taste slightly like blueberries but have a pit.
Day 63: The last of the grape harvest, sitting in our courtyard.