Photo a Day: Days 50-56

Week 8!

Day 50: A rainy fall Saturday.
Day 51: Muddied boots and stairs after two days of steady rain.
Day 52: The ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of our newly renovated and updated school library.
Day 53: My host mom decided the kitchen was too cold and instead served me my lunch at my desk.
Day 54: The chickens have been left to wander our courtyard this week to nibble at the dried flower stems in the garden.
Day 55: 8th and 9th grade students race as part of an activity to bring awareness to the importance of not littering.
Day 56: Even in October, there are still some pretty flowers left in the gardens in Moldova.

Photo a Day: Days 43-49

Week 7!

Day 43: I helped pick grapes, which sit in a basket waiting to be made into wine.
Day 44: Another beautiful autumn sunset over the neighbors’ houses.
Day 45: Grapes are crushed and begin to ferment at the beginning of the wine-making process.
Day 46: Surprise autumn strawberries! My host mom called me and told me to come to the garden to pick strawberries and I was thoroughly perplexed until I saw these growing.
Day 47: Grapes ferment in barrels in our courtyard.
Day 48: A group of teachers at school with the flowers we received for Ziua Profesorului (Teacher’s Day).
Day 49: Teacher’s Day celebrations continue. Our entire faculty poses with the 8th grade students, who put on a lovely concert for us.

Photo a Day: Days 36-42

Week 6!

Day 36: A sunset over the neighborhood.
Day 37: A grape vine hangs over our courtyard.
Day 38: Wine-making preparation has begun!
Day 39: Our dog, Rochie, waits patiently to be pet.
Day 40: Harvested corn dries in our courtyard and will be husked for animal feed.
Day 41: A found kitten waits on our doorstep for food from my host mom.
Day 42: Our library grant project is close to completion!

Photo a Day: Days 29-35

Week 5

Day 29: Our cat enjoys the warm weather outside.
Day 30: I worked on grading pre-tests most of the day.
Day 31: The view from our summer kitchen entrance.
Day 32: Tomatoes ripen on the window sill.
Day 33: Sometimes there’s nothing better than an afternoon nap with the sun streaming through the window.
Day 34: All of the students in grades 5 through 9 at my school form a peace sign to celebrate International Day of Peace.
Day 35: A candle is lit in our kitchen to note a religious holiday.

Photo a Day: Days 22-28

Week 4!

Day 22: For the first time since arriving in Moldova over a year ago, I made some banana bread and it was delicious!
Day 23: My host mom cut some flowers from our our garden for my room.
Day 24: The view of our front garden from the kitchen window.
Day 25: This little flower pot serves to keep my window open each day.
Day 26: Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough after a tough day at school.
Day 27: Yellow roses in our garden.
Day 28: My host mom made these yummy, light pastries just for fun.