Photo a Day: January 28-February 3, 2018

Some weeks I accomplish my goal of a photo a day and some weeks I don’t.  Alas, I will post them when I do and not worry about it when I don’t.

January 28: Walking on solid ice thanks to the slowly melting snow and lack of salt here.
January 29: Our dog Rochie waits for me to come in our gate and pet him.
January 30: The snow beginning to melt on our road.
January 31: The snow continues to melt and the ice begins to change to mud.
February 1: 3rd grade students complete some fun worksheets as part of Foreign Language Weeks at school.
February 2: A group of 2nd grade students recite poems in English for one of the 8th grade classes as part of Foreign Language Weeks.
February 3: A productive weekend day followed by some tea, chocolate, and a book.

Photo a Day: January 13-19, 2018

I may have mentioned this, but I’ve really enjoyed this project of taking a photo a day, most days.  I reached my original goal of 100 days of photos, and my new goal is to continue the project as much as possible throughout 2018, posting them each week.

Here’s Week 1 of 2018 (I took a short break)!

January 13: Some boys at our front door, performing an uratura for the “old” New Year.
January 14: Some girls visit our front steps and throw seeds at us while wishing us a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.
January 15: Students and teachers gather at the bust of Mihai Eminescu, a famous Romanian writer and poet, on the day of his birthday.
January 16: A horse and cart wait on the road in the snow.
January 17: Clothes “drying” on the line are coated with a layer of snow.
January 18: A blizzard in our village brings down a lot of snow (and power lines) with strong winds.
January 19: Neighborhood kids ambush my site mate with snowballs and handfuls of snow.