Bedroom Project: Update and Inspiration

So, I've made some progress on my bedroom.  It still has a ways to go, but the biggest part (painting) is done!  I've also moved most of the furniture back in and into place, so that's good too.  At this point, the room looks pretty bland.  There is color on the walls, but nothing is … Continue reading Bedroom Project: Update and Inspiration

Some More Handmade Christmas Ideas

As promised, I will share some additional handmade Christmas present ideas.  We did a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration with my mom's side of the family, so I will also share what I gave to my two cousins and grandparents. I'll start with the presents I gave to those 4 this year: 1. I made … Continue reading Some More Handmade Christmas Ideas

Handmade Christmas Presents

The past couple of years, I have (attempted, at least) to make homemade Christmas presents for my friends and family members.  I have found that there is a lack of ideas on the internet and even on blogs, so I have been compiling a general list of things that people might like.  Last year, I … Continue reading Handmade Christmas Presents