Bedroom Makeover: Gallery Wall

Note: The sun shone very little the three weeks I was home and I won't be able to get better pictures until I'm home again in February, so the colors here are a little bit off.  The wall is a bit more saturated and a bit more green and the colors of the artwork is … Continue reading Bedroom Makeover: Gallery Wall

Bedroom Project: Update and Inspiration

So, I've made some progress on my bedroom.  It still has a ways to go, but the biggest part (painting) is done!  I've also moved most of the furniture back in and into place, so that's good too.  At this point, the room looks pretty bland.  There is color on the walls, but nothing is … Continue reading Bedroom Project: Update and Inspiration

Project: My Bedroom

There are two rooms that I've decided to focus on improving and redecorating this summer: my bedroom and our backroom (which is a combination mudroom/laundry room/craft room).  For both of these rooms, the decorating is going to have to happen one step at a time.  The bedroom I am doing to my preferences, but the … Continue reading Project: My Bedroom