Some More Handmade Christmas Ideas

As promised, I will share some additional handmade Christmas present ideas.  We did a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration with my mom’s side of the family, so I will also share what I gave to my two cousins and grandparents.

I’ll start with the presents I gave to those 4 this year:

1. I made my cousin Iris some fabric coasters.  I’m hoping to make more of these; if I do, I’ll post a tutorial.  They are pretty easy to make and require less than a fat quarter of fabric.  I put some vinyl in the middle of mine so condensation doesn’t go through the fabric.

2. I made my cousin Jacqui two vinyl record bowls- a small one and a larger one.  I used the tutorial found here.  It was quite easy and quick.

3. I made my grandma a potholder.  I simply used a square potholder we had as a guide for the size and shape and quilted the layers together.  I used two fabric layers (one for each side) and three layers of insulated batting (any fewer and the user will get burned- learned that the hard way).  Then you just sew bias tape (I made my own using the same fabric) around the edges.

4. I made my grandpa a mug that said “Poppy”, which is what we call him.  This idea was in my previous Christmas present idea post- the instructions can be found here.

The following are ideas I have found and liked, but haven’t tried.  I therefore cannot tell you how difficult they are.

1. Terrarium.  This might be a good gift for someone who likes plants but has difficulty keeping them alive.  It would also be a good gift for a college student since they are low maintenance and would add a bit of life to a dorm room.

2. Journals with handmade sewn covers.  Find journals (think moleskine or similar notebooks) and sew a cover for them.  Great for anyone, even children. (UPDATE: I made these for my brother, find the tutorial here)

3. Toiletry bag.  Good for most females.  Can adjust the size depending on needs.  I would advise using vinyl or a similar material on the inside.

4. Baked goods.  You could make homemade breads, cookies, muffins, anything really.  It’s a simple gift for pretty much anyone, just make sure the recipient doesn’t have any allergies.

5. Casserole carrier.  This is a good tutorial.  Good for moms, grandmas, and friends.

6. Floor pillows and poufs.  I don’t know how to make these, but I like the idea.

7. Heating packs.  I don’t have a tutorial for this one, but I’m sure you could google and find one.  I’m lazy.  It would be a good gift for the men in your life (especially middle-aged dads and such).

8. Spoon ring.  Here is a good tutorial, and it doesn’t seem too hard.  It’s especially meaningful if you use a family spoon.  Great for most females.

9. Felted wool sweater blanket.  I really like this tutorial.  And design.  Great for anyone- you could even make a smaller one for a baby or toddler.  It looks so cozy and warm.

10. Tea Cup Candle.  I really like the idea of making a candle out of tea cup.  It’s homemade yet simple.  This is the tutorial I like.

Well, that’s all for now.  Hope this helps all those that are hoping to make presents this year.  I know it doesn’t include any tutorials for kid gifts.  I have found that those are easy to find.  I suggest checking out Make It and Love It.

Have a lovely rest of the week, we’re halfway to the weekend!