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I have a pretty cool brother that often sends me links that he thinks I’d enjoy- and usually, I do.  So I thought I would pass on some of those links (and some that I’ve come across on my own) with you.  Enjoy!

#1: A single mom arrested for letting her 9-year old daughter play outside- this one really made me think.  Where I live it is very common for kids even younger than this to be on their own for the day, especially in summer.  I work at our local pool, so I see this a lot, and I guess I’ve never really thought much of it- it’s good for kids to be outside and play (I also feel that 9 really isn’t that young), and at least they aren’t inside playing video games/watching tv all day.

#2: Two couples sharing one mortgage- again, a really interesting concept.  These two couples (one with a baby on the way) bought a place together and plan to live there together for the long run, including future kids.  Although I definitely find it a bit odd, I also can see how this could potentially work and be a (possibly better) way to raise kids in a loving environment.

#3: About the 19th-century health scare (bicycle-face) that discouraged women from riding their bikes.  Although widely believed to be a real condition, it was actually made up by doctors who didn’t like the freedom the new invention of the bicycle gave females.  In fact, the bicycle is largely credited with empowering women and leading the change in women’s rights.

#4: Little girls are better at designing superheroes than you- shows the imagination and spunk of little girls that could inspire new superheroes.

#5: Catskill Made- a really cool shop, located in the Catskill Mountains (near my hometown, which is in the foot of the Catskills).  I really like a lot of the items they sell, and they also seem like pretty cool people.

#6: Brazil’s billion-dollar gym experiment- this one is really long, but very interesting.  It discusses how Brazil is addressing the need to make gyms and exercise more accessible in the country, particularly to people living in poor, dangerous communities.  One point I found particularly interesting is that the creation of these outdoor gym spaces has actually also helped make many communities safer and has decreased crimes.  I’m curious if this will continue to work and whether a similar plan could work in some communities in the US.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed them. And I enjoyed the post. Now you’ll have to get other people to send you links so I can read a future “Some Link Love” post and say “Ooh, that’s neat! How’d I miss that?”

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