Life Lately 7-21-14

I’ve had a pretty busy month.  Here’s the recap from the past month.

summer 2014- July

Really enjoyed… spending time with my extended family.  All of my parents siblings were home for my sister’s graduation (plus four cousins), so I spent a lot of time with them while they were here.  My mom has two brothers and a sister, and although her sister lives only 2 hours away, her brothers live in Tennessee and Texas (both pretty far from New York State), so we only get to see them once a year.  My dad has three sisters.  One lives the next town over from us and works for my dad, so we see her occasionally, but his other two sisters live in Kentucky and Tennessee, so we see them at best once a year.  All of my aunts and uncles are pretty awesome, fun people, so I love getting to see them, even if it is only once a year.

Babysat… for a full week.  We had a ton of fun exploring at our local cemetery, playing in the stream I played in when I was little (we harvested clay from the banks, went swimming, and created mud tattoos/war paint), hiking at a nearby trail, having tea parties, and baking.  We also went through five bottles of bubbles in just four days (and no, we did not spill them- apparently popping bubbles and chasing them around the yard is a lot of fun).

Presented… on my trip to Peru to my mom’s second grade class.  I talked to the kids about the culture of Peru and how Peruvians’ lives differ from the typical American life.

Attended… graduation and a bunch of graduation parties.  I know several of my sister’s friends, so I went to several grad parties besides hers.

Made s’mores… and hung out at my grandparents with my mom’s and dad’s siblings (their families have always known each other).  My aunts and uncles are a lot of fun, so there was a lot of laughing involved.  And my dad’s two sisters drove around the neighborhood with their windows down (and sunroof open), blaring “Dancing Queen” and singing along at the top of their lungs at 10 PM (and no, they had not been drinking).

Went… strawberry-picking with my mom.  It was the very end of the season, so the picking was pretty bad, but we got 8 quarts of delicious strawberries.

Weeded… the garden.  I worked on the garden at least every other day for a couple of weeks, but kinda stopped after that.

Spent time with… my cousin Sarah.  Even though she is several years younger than me and my siblings, we all get along really well and it was nice to spend time with her (we don’t get time together very often).

Sang… in an open mic night at a local restaurant and bar with my cousin Sarah and sister- my cousin played the guitar and my sister and I sang “Leaving on a Jet Plane”.  Sarah also performed a song that she wrote (music and lyrics)- she is extremely talented!

Had a… karaoke night with my dad’s family- my aunts really played it up and we had a ton of fun.

Bought… a few things at lawn sales on the Fourth of July (mostly just frames).  Would have loved to get more, but I’m trying to save my money, not spend it.

Went out… for ice cream a few times.

Explored… at the house that used to be my great-grandma’s (my parents now own it).  It is 200 years old and is mostly original, although it had renovations in the 60s or so, so some of it is more representative to that era.  It has two really old sheds on the property, and we went through some of the stuff in one of them (it was a woodworking/blacksmith shop, so it had some really cool old tools).  Although my parents own the property and I go there sometimes to help my dad with the renovations we are doing, it was cool to explore some of the spaces I really hadn’t before.

Worked… quite a bit, especially in the past two weeks (almost every day).  I work at our local public pool as a supervisor to the lifeguards.  I also get to deal with the people that don’t follow the rules or listen to the lifeguards.  It has been an interesting experience, to say the least.  I also painted some old barn doors on a garage for a couple I know.  I’ve decided I really don’t like scraping the old paint off- I much prefer actually painting.

Framed… some artwork for my bedroom.  I’m really happy with how the artwork is working out and can’t wait to get it all hung and finish my bedroom.

Hung out with… several different friends, including one I hadn’t seen in over 2 years and one of my very best friends that I had only seen very briefly since last August.  I wish I could have had more time with all of them, but at least I got to see and talk to them.

Went to… the movies with my sister and one of her friends- we saw “22 Jump Street” which was very funny (and inappropriate).

Shopped… with my mom and sister in search of bedding for my sister for college (we were very unsuccessful!).

Had a campfire… with friends (my sister’s friends, my brother’s friends, and a couple of my friends).  Had some good conversations and ate a ton of sweets (including s’mores).

Whew! I think that’s it! I really have been very busy this past month, especially with work.  I feel like I’ve done very little besides work the past two weeks, but at least I’m making more money than I was expecting to make this summer.  I have a couple more painting jobs lined up, but I’m probably going to take a couple days off this week before starting those.  I’m pretty tired and exhausted and have some projects I want to work on at home that I haven’t really had time for.  What have you been up to?