Life Lately (February and March, 2015)

February: Celebrated... several friends' birthdays. Read... Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Attended... a Super Bowl Party, Spirit Cafe (a group discussion at my college church), and Big Monday (a group of friends who get together every single Monday night for a potluck- I was invited by a family from my church). Dined... at Panera and Buffalo Wild … Continue reading Life Lately (February and March, 2015)

Life Lately 10-3-14

I'm going to try a slightly different format for this post than I typically use. I'm hoping it will be a little more interesting and easier to follow. Creativity. Painted a wooden box, sewed a pencil case, and worked on ceramics. Fitness. Yoga and a couple of hikes. Life. Finished up my summer jobs (weekend supervisor at … Continue reading Life Lately 10-3-14