Life Lately (February and March, 2015)

Making rolls
Making rolls


Celebrated… several friends’ birthdays.

Read… Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

Attended… a Super Bowl Party, Spirit Cafe (a group discussion at my college church), and Big Monday (a group of friends who get together every single Monday night for a potluck- I was invited by a family from my church).

Dined… at Panera and Buffalo Wild Wings (also got froyo at Sweet Frog).

Created… my first pitcher in ceramics and a calendar for my room.

Baked… sugar cookies, blueberry banana muffins, and cinnamon/dinner rolls.

Went home… and went shopping with my mom, played cards with the family, watched lots of tv, walked with my mom, visited friends and grandparents.

Got a surprise visit… from my sister- we went to Sweet Frog, played Cards Against Humanity, hung out, and went shopping.

Hiking at Tanglewood


Attended… Arts Alive kickoff (month-long celebration of the arts at our college), Big Monday, on-campus gallery opening (also helped set up the gallery), A Cappella Weekend (we have 3 a cappella groups on campus and they have a concert every year), “Fiddler on the Roof” musical at my high school, Orchesis performance (student dance performance on campus- they’re always really great!), a Save Our Schools Rally, and some meetings.

Read… Eight Girls Taking Pictures.  I’m not quite finished, but it’s good so far.

Exercised… by running once and hiking (a pretty long hike) at Tanglewood once with a friend.

Tutored… at a local elementary school as part of one of my education classes- we did an egg drop project at the end.  We went every week fro 10 weeks, and this past Thursday was our last day :(.

Went home… for a weekend.  Went to the high school musical, hung out with my sister’s friends (along with my sister), and spent some time with some of my old track friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.

Hosted… an overnight (a prospective student that comes and stays with you at college).

Visited… a local high school.  I was going to tutor there, but the timing didn’t work out.

Was visited by… one of my best friends from home.  We went out for drinks, hung out, went out for breakfast, and went shopping.

Finished… putting together the yearbook!!  We were on a really tight deadline, but we finished it on time (I’m sooo happy this is done!).

Completed… the first glaze firing in ceramics- I’m really happy with a lot of the stuff I made!

Overall, the past two months have been super busy.  But they’ve been good, as well, which is always nice.  What have you been up to?