Life Lately 10-3-14

I’m going to try a slightly different format for this post than I typically use. I’m hoping it will be a little more interesting and easier to follow.

Hand-painted Wooden Box and Sewn Pencil Case
Left: Hand-painted wooden box, Right: Sewn pencil case

Creativity. Painted a wooden box, sewed a pencil case, and worked on ceramics.

Hiking in the Foothills of the Catskills
Left: Hiking on a trail behind our local high school, Right: Hiking at Bearspring Mountain State Park

Fitness. Yoga and a couple of hikes.

End of Summer and Back to College
Left: The pool just before I locked up on my last day, Right: The view from my window

Life. Finished up my summer jobs (weekend supervisor at town pool and staining a couple of decks).  Back to college.

Back to College
Left: All the reading I have on a typical day, Right: Just hanging out in my room

School. Started my junior year. I’m taking 5 classes (I was originally taking 6, but the work load was too much, so I dropped Illustration the first week). I have a lot of homework this term- almost entirely reading. Circle K (college version of Kiwanis Club) and Yearbook (I’m the president). The Yearbook Club is very small, but everyone is really involved and helpful, so that hasn’t been as stressful as I had anticipated. I’m working on a research project with one of my professors and 3 other students, we will be presenting in mid-November.

Fun with the Family
Left: Hiking at Ice Caves, Top left: Hiking at Stony Brook Park with my mom, Bottom left: Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester

Family. Before heading back to school, visited with both sets of grandparents.  My mom’s parents shared lots of stories from their earlier days. Also before heading back to college, went on a day trip with my brother, mom, and dad to hike at Ice Caves and walk around the town of New Paltz (New York State).  My parents came up two weekends ago for family weekend, but instead of staying on campus, we drove to my sister’s college, picked her up and hung out in the Rochester, NY area.  We had a lot of fun speaking in accents during our times in the car, went to one of my best friend’s cross country meets, went to the Hemlock Fiber Festival, grabbed apples and fresh donuts from an apple orchard, and ate at Dinosaur BBQ (so, so good!) with my friend and some family friends.  This past weekend, I had visits from my grandparents and my mom and sister (my sister went home for the weekend, so they stopped on their way picking her up/taking her back).  Got to eat some good food and hiked with my mom at Stony Brook Park (we got a little lost and took a trail that was a bit longer and more strenuous than either of us had really planned on, but it was really beautiful).

Fun. Before heading back to college: baked a pie (my first ever!), visited my old track coach and his wife. After returning: wrote several letters to friends and one of my cousins, celebrated a friend’s birthday party with cheesecake, got ice cream with friends a couple of times, went to a really awesome inter-faith event at my college church, watched “Sharknado” (worst movie ever!), had a few game nights, won a Keurig (which was awesome even if I don’t drink coffee), baked cookies with friends that live in the only dorm on campus with ovens, played Mad Gab with my roommate, watched “22 Jump Street” (very funny movie), babysat for the first time while at college (for one of my professors), played Dutch Blitz with some older friends and some new friends, and did a talk on my Peru trip with my professor and two other students at my college church.