Real Dorm Inspiration: Junior Year


2014-09-24 13.45.41
The view from the door towards my side of the room.

I am once again living in a dorm room on campus this year.  As is typical with many campuses, the upperclassmen dorms are quite a bit nicer than most freshmen dorms.  The building I am living in this year was built in the 1920s and is definitely older in style.  All of the rooms have wood floors, old windows with lots of panes, and plenty of charm (and, of course, those little quirks that come with older buildings).  No two rooms are the same, and my roommate and I definitely hit the jackpot.  We have a huge window seat, windows that span almost the entire wall, high ceilings (the room directly above us is similar in size but has much lower ceilings, so this is definitely a plus), and it’s a pretty large room.  In fact, it’s one of the nicest rooms I’ve seen in the building so far (a couple have their own bathrooms or fireplaces).  So basically what I am saying here is that I love our room :).

2014-09-24 13.31.03

The closets aren’t huge, but they do have quite a bit of vertical space (it would be nice if there were more shelves, but there there isn’t much I can do about that).  There are hooks all along the walls within the closet though, which are nice for hanging coats and bags up.  The door has this huge full-length mirror built into it, which faces inside toward the closet when the door is closed.  Unfortunately, it is very old and therefore foggy.  2014-09-24 13.39.59The room’s shape (pretty long and narrow) made it a little difficult for furniture arrangement, especially because we didn’t want to block the window seat too much.  My desk is very wide, which also complicated things.  My roommate was able to fit her desk against the wall next to her bed, but mine is bigger, so this was the arrangement I ultimately came up with.  It isn’t perfect, but it works.  At night, I just rotate my chair around to act as a nightstand and there is plenty of space for the drawers to come out and such.

2014-09-24 13.40.28

I am using the same quilt as the past two years.  I love how bright and cheerful it is and I’m glad to see it’s still holding up pretty well.  The blanket over the foot of the bed is the one I got on my trip to Peru this past spring.  It is light but pretty warm and perfect for snuggling up in or for adding a bit of warmth at night.  I also got new sheets this year.  Although the pink ones were great, pink isn’t my favorite color and they were starting to get a little stiff, so I switched them out for pale turquoise ones.
2014-09-24 13.40.36

Above my bed is my Starry Night poster.  I probably should have hung it up a bit higher since the ceilings are way higher than you can tell in this photo, but command strips are expensive, so it’s staying put.  To the right is my memory board which is already filling up quickly.
2014-09-24 13.40.47

2014-09-24 13.40.52

And here is the beautiful window seat and windows!  We really need to get more pillows to make it a little comfortable.  There’s a pretty deep ledge above the window seat, and that is where we actually sit most of the time.  That way the sun shines right on you.  The wood is very slippery, so we’re trying to figure out how to prevent our pillows from sliding right off.  2014-09-24 13.41.56

You can see how the desk fits next to the bed here.  The hutch is not original to the desk, but very nice as it has a bulletin board that I have promptly filled up. 
2014-09-24 13.42.55

This is the desk.  It holds a lot of stuff in the drawers!  What appears to be the bottom two drawers is actually one really deep drawer.  I keep all of my textbooks (I have 14 this semester!), art supplies, games, and other books in the big drawer and the other drawers are filled with my folders and notebooks and other office/desk supplies.  The drawer on the right is where I store all of my supplies for writing and sending letters and notes.  2014-09-24 13.43.39 2014-09-24 13.44.08 2014-09-24 13.44.21

2014-09-24 13.44.33

My dresser is to the right of the door and MUCH larger than other ones I have had at college.  I had a lot of problems fitting all of my clothes in the closet/dresser last year, but actually have extra room this year.  The mirror above the dresser was already there.  2014-09-24 13.44.54I store my necklaces on two command hooks to the right of my dresser. The rest of my jewelry is stored in the small bone dish and a heart-shaped container that used to be my mom’s.  
2014-09-24 13.46.18

And…last but not least, my view from my bed!  It really does make me happy every time I see it!  Also, see the little puppy sitting on the ledge?  He’s pretty much the only stuffed animal I’ve ever really cared about (there’s also Spikey, the teddy bear, that I left at home).  His name is Jack and this is his first time at college.  I realized that sometimes you just need a stuffed animal to cuddle with, so I decided to bring him along.  He’s a little worse for wear (he’s missing an eye and his nose had to be reattached a long time ago because my real dog chewed it off), but he’s still in pretty good shape.

*Sources: the sheets are from Target, the pillowcases are from Walmart, I can’t remember what fabric I used when I made the quilt, turtles are from various vacations (Boston, Muir Woods in CA, Peru, and Rhode Island), ceramic bulls from Peru, all furniture provided by college, rug from Target.