Life Lately 12-5-14

2014-11-26 09.32.40

I thought October was a busy month, but I think November topped it!! As I looked back on my calendar to write this, I couldn’t believe that some of the things were within the past month- it seems like it was so far away!  And yet, at the same time, it seemed to fly by.

Sent… letters to some friends.  This is one of my goals for this year that I have been really good about doing.

Hiked… with a friend at Newtown Battlefield State Park (NY).

Presented at… the NYSRA (New York State Reading Association) Conference with a professor and three fellow education students.  I feel so very blessed to have had this opportunity.  The conference is for teachers and administrators to attend and we presented on Inquiry-based learning.

Registered… for second semester classes.  I am planning to take Ceramics III, two education classes (literacy and math/science/technology integration), Seminar in Art Criticism, and 19th Century Art (a directed study with my former painting professor).

Dined… at a fancy Italian restaurant to celebrate with the professor I presented with, along with her husband and the three other students.  We had a ton of fun talking and such and the food was delicious!

Attended… a campus dance performance (called Orchesis).  My roommate and one of my best friends were in it and it was really amazing!

Participated in… the Operation Christmas Child packing party.  Our college community (led by another best friend) assembled and packed 878 boxes to send to children around the world.

Went… home for Thanksgiving break.  I had a great time with my family and spent a bit of time with my amazing friends (who I’ve missed a ton!).

Switched… the living and dining room at home.  Our living room is now in the same room as our woodstove, which makes it super cozy.

Baked… cookies and my great-grandma’s old-fashioned cinnamon (and regular dinner) rolls.

Celebrated… my brother’s 23rd birthday (he’s getting old!).

Cut… my hair.  I really only wanted a trim, but my split ends were really awful, so I ended up getting a couple inches chopped.

Spent time with… my family, including my brother and sister.  We were really glad that everyone could make it home for a few days.

Selected… our Christmas tree and set it up and decorated.

Visited… our cousins, aunt, and uncle in Albany for Thanksgiving.  It was weird not having our grandparents there (they went to Florida for the winter early this year), but we still had quite a bit of fun.  They introduced us to two new games: Rook and Bezzerwizzer, both of which were really fun.

Had a… girls night with three of my best friends from home.  We hung out, caught up on each other’s lives, and just had fun.

Went to… our town’s Christmas parade and small business Saturday.  The parade was great, as usual.  We went to the coffee shop that is opening up within the next month (they had a mini-opening just for the day).  The place is looking great and the hot chocolate was delicious!

Completed… lots and lots of homework.  Finals week is this coming week, so we’re in the final stretch, which means tons of projects and papers and studying to do.

I hope you have all had a wonderful month!  Did you do anything special in November?  I can’t wait to get my final stuff over with and wrap up the semester, then go home and bake my heart out and spend time with my favorite people.