Old Building Love

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love old houses and buildings.  I suppose it’s not that much of a surprise.  After all, my dad’s family has been in the real estate business since 1889 (125 years!), so it must just run in my blood.  Ever since I was young, I would accompany my dad on rides through the countryside and neighboring towns.  I loved hearing who lived where and about the various styles of homes.  Although newer homes certainly have their merits, I much prefer old homes.  They simply have so much more character and charm.  I love the quirks.  Whenever I drive somewhere, I constantly look at the homes on the side of the road.  My favorites are probably old farmhouses, but I also love traditional four-square homes, small cottages, Victorian houses, and Capes.  Whenever I see a run-down old house, I want to buy it and restore it to its former beauty.

So, of course, I love the dorm I currently live in.  It was built in 1928 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  As an old building, it certainly has its quirks.  The windows don’t have screens, heat is delivered through radiators that can get very hot to the touch, there’s a bit of a bug problem (mostly due to the lack of screens), some of the rooms smell old, and the bathrooms aren’t the nicest (although I don’t think they are that bad).  Some of my friends dislike living here, but I still love it.  The windows are stone mullioned gothic-style casement windows.  The doors are beautifully paneled stained wood doors.  Some of the rooms have window seats, bay windows, and working (and gorgeous) fireplaces.  The rooms are fairly spacious, even the singles. There are REAL closets with original doorknobs.  The desks and dressers are larger than typical for college dorms.  There are wood floors.  The hallways have gorgeous details, including window seats at the end.  The lounge is huge and looks like it’s out of Hogwarts.  Each room is uniquely different.  The location is great- close to the gym and dining hall/campus center.

Here are some photos:

2014-11-14 14.17.09 2014-11-14 14.17.17 2014-11-14 14.17.52 2014-11-14 14.18.43 2014-11-14 14.18.59

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Have you ever lived in a charming older home or building?  Do you like the charm of old places or do you prefer perfect newer homes?

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