Packing for South Africa

What I Packed: South Africa (April-May/Fall)

When packing for 10 days (plus 2 days travel) in South Africa, I knew I wanted to pack fairly lightly, but it was also a little tricky to figure out what to bring based on the varied weather we were expecting.  Late April to early May is fall in South Africa, and although temperatures in … Continue reading What I Packed: South Africa (April-May/Fall)

DIY Infinity Scarf and Tutorial

I finally brought out my sewing machine to actually sew a complete project.  I went shopping last weekend with some friends, and got the tan sweater I'm wearing in the above photo.  If you look at my most recent post, you can see me wearing it with a navy and coral scarf.  It was the … Continue reading DIY Infinity Scarf and Tutorial

Professional Dress for a Teacher

So, I'm currently on Spring Break and just ended my second semester at college (my college has 3 terms, 2 that are 12 weeks long and a spring term that is 6 weeks long).  During the spring term, students only take 6 credits (two, maybe even only one, classes).  In addition, there are no classes … Continue reading Professional Dress for a Teacher