Packing, Packing, Packing

Anyone who has ever had to pack for 2 years in just a couple of suitcases knows this is no easy feat.  I've been planning for packing for almost two months: making lists, getting things that were missing, figuring out what to use for luggage, and thinking about what I'll miss and want to bring. … Continue reading Packing, Packing, Packing

Packing for South Africa

What I Packed: South Africa (April-May/Fall)

When packing for 10 days (plus 2 days travel) in South Africa, I knew I wanted to pack fairly lightly, but it was also a little tricky to figure out what to bring based on the varied weather we were expecting.  Late April to early May is fall in South Africa, and although temperatures in … Continue reading What I Packed: South Africa (April-May/Fall)

Eek! Only two and a half weeks left of undergrad!

I started packing up my dorm room today.  Such a bittersweet thing!  I still have one and a half weeks of classes left and one week of finals, but my parents are coming this coming week for a ceremony, so I figured I'd start packing so they could take things home.  I went through my desk, … Continue reading Eek! Only two and a half weeks left of undergrad!