DIY Infinity Scarf and Tutorial

2013-11-08 19.27.31I finally brought out my sewing machine to actually sew a complete project.  I went shopping last weekend with some friends, and got the tan sweater I’m wearing in the above photo.  If you look at my most recent post, you can see me wearing it with a navy and coral scarf.  It was the only scarf that I have that went with it at all.  While we were shopping, I tried it on with a navy blue scarf, and really loved the combination of the colors.  I’ve had this blue, white, and purple floral fabric from JoAnn Fabrics for awhile.  I had intended to make a dress out of it, but I decided that it was far more likely for me to start and finish a scarf rather than a dress, so I cut into it.  I believe it is a linen-like fabric, but I’m not really sure.  Since it was a relatively easy project and I know a lot of people love infinity scarves (I love them!), I figured I’d share my method.

Step 1:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACut your fabric (I recommend using a lighter weight fabric) to 63″ x 22″.  This will make one scarf.

Step 2:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHem each of the longer sides.  Use a rolling hem if you know how to do that (I don’t).  Or just fold the fabric under 1/8″ and then fold it over another 1/8″ to enclose the raw edge of the fabric.  Sew.

Step 3:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPin the shorter sides together WRONG sides together.  Sew with a 1/8″ seam allowance.  Trim any excess (you want there to be as little as possible).

It should look like this when you are done:


Step 4: 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATurn the scarf inside out, so that RIGHT sides are together.  I don’t have an iron with me at college, but I highly recommend ironing the seam you just created.  You want the fold where the seam is to be crisp (not like it looks above).

Step 5:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPin along the seam you just made, so that any raw edges will be between the seam and your pins.  You want all raw edges enclosed, and you also want the new seam you’ll be sewing to be as close to the previous seam as possible.

Step 6:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASew along where you pinned.  It should look like the photo above.  There is about a 1/8″ seam allowance, but just try to get as close as possible.  When the scarf is turned right side out, this seam should look like the picture below.

2013-11-08 19.18.45And your scarf is finished! Depending on the weight of the fabric, you may want to make the scarf a bit thinner/longer (for thicker fabrics).  I don’t think you’d want to go any wider.  I really love the way it turned out!

2013-11-08 19.27.16








I Made a Tank Top!


As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I made my first article of clothing this summer.  It is a tank top that I self drafted.  I took a tank top that I already owned and traced around it, changing the back so that it wasn’t a racer-back.  I also made this one quite a bit shorter, because I didn’t like the length of the original shirt.  I absolutely love this fabric!  It’s a quilting fabric, so it wrinkles easily and is a bit stiffer than I normally prefer, but it’s really pretty and was easy to work with.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also added a detail to the front.  I wanted it to be a bit larger, but like it anyway.  There are two things I don’t really like about it: the shoulder straps are a bit too thin and it’s a bit tight in the chest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really love the way it looks with a belt, since it makes the too-tight chest thing less obvious.  Overall, I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

Professional Dress for a Teacher

So, I’m currently on Spring Break and just ended my second semester at college (my college has 3 terms, 2 that are 12 weeks long and a spring term that is 6 weeks long).  During the spring term, students only take 6 credits (two, maybe even only one, classes).  In addition, there are no classes on Wednesdays, unless you are a nursing or education student, in which case you have all-day fieldwork on Wednesdays.  I am an freshman education student, which means that I will be doing fieldwork every day (half days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and a full day on Wednesday).  I will be placed in a classroom and will do things like observe, worked on-on-one with kids, and work with small groups, in addition to doing various assignments.

For the fieldwork, we have to dress professionally.  I have found that a lot of professional clothes are not quite appropriate for classroom wear- teachers have to bend over, kneel, and move around a lot.  This is also a bit of a problem in terms of shoes as well- teachers are often on their feet for the majority of the day.  This means no heels for me.

On Tuesday, my mom and I went shopping to create my “teacher” wardrobe, since I didn’t have many professional clothes.  I purchased 10 clothing items, plus 3 pairs of shoes.

2013-04-18 10.47.36Here’s all of what I got.  Three pairs of pants, one skirt, one blazer, two button-up shirts, and four other shirts.  Today, I laid them all out to figure out how many outfits I could get from just these (I already had a few other items, but I didn’t include them in the remix).  I came up with sixteen, plus a few of the outfits I could easily add the blazer to.  I figured I’d show what I came up with.  Note: the photos aren’t the best, sorry!

skirt outfits

First up are the skirt outfits!  The skirt is a thrifted Gap shirt.  The blazer is also thrifted.  The pink and navy blue shirts were from Kohl’s and the gingham and black shirts were from TJ Maxx.  I absolutely love the skirt with the navy blue with small white polka dots shirt.  My mom and sister say gingham and floral doesn’t go together, but I don’t care- I like it.

black pants outfitsI also purchased some black dress pants from Kohl’s.  I’m sorry these pictures came out so badly- the shirts are (clockwise from top left): blue gingham, pink (both from above), turquoise, and tan (the turquoise was from Kohl’s and the tan shirt was from TJ Maxx).

blue pants outfitsThese navy blue pants (from TJ Maxx) are shorter.  I paired them with the turqoise shirt, the tan shirt (same as the one above), and the blue gingham shirt.  I liked the gingham shirt better not tucked in (in other words, not worn as shown above).

tan pants outfitsThese tan pants were also from TJ Maxx and are paired with shirts I’ve already shown.  Several of the shirts also look good with the blazer:

tan pants + blazer outfitsWell, I hope these help anyone who needs some inspiration for professional dress.  I also have a pair of grey dress pants, a black and white floral shirt, a purple gauzy shirt, and a few other items, along with a couple of dresses.  I plan to pair the outfits with four different pairs of shoes: black flats, brown flats, brown sandals, and black sandals.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!