Junior Dorm Room: Round 2 (a.k.a. We Moved Some Stuff Around)

I know I've shown photos of my junior year dorm room already, but we moved the room around a few months ago and I also changed up the walls a bit, so I decided I'd share the new-and-improved space.  In November, when the heat finally kicked on, we decided that we probably shouldn't have our … Continue reading Junior Dorm Room: Round 2 (a.k.a. We Moved Some Stuff Around)

Bedroom Makeover: Gallery Wall

Note: The sun shone very little the three weeks I was home and I won't be able to get better pictures until I'm home again in February, so the colors here are a little bit off.  The wall is a bit more saturated and a bit more green and the colors of the artwork is … Continue reading Bedroom Makeover: Gallery Wall

Dorm Room Living: Organization

As a college junior, I've found that one of the biggest issues with living in a dorm is organization and space.  Obviously, dorm rooms aren't very big.  You can't alter the space, and you usually share the room.  This makes organization pretty difficult.  So I thought I'd share the ways I keep my space organized. … Continue reading Dorm Room Living: Organization

Real Dorm Inspiration: Junior Year

  I am once again living in a dorm room on campus this year.  As is typical with many campuses, the upperclassmen dorms are quite a bit nicer than most freshmen dorms.  The building I am living in this year was built in the 1920s and is definitely older in style.  All of the rooms … Continue reading Real Dorm Inspiration: Junior Year