Junior Dorm Room: Round 2 (a.k.a. We Moved Some Stuff Around)

2015-01-27 15.31.24

I know I’ve shown photos of my junior year dorm room already, but we moved the room around a few months ago and I also changed up the walls a bit, so I decided I’d share the new-and-improved space.  In November, when the heat finally kicked on, we decided that we probably shouldn’t have our beds next to the old radiators.  The radiators get very hot to the touch and my roommate actually burnt her hand on hers one night while she was sleeping, so it just didn’t seem very safe.  I tried several ways of rearranging the room, but ultimately settled on just switching the bed and the desk.  It took a little getting used to, but I actually think I like it this way better.  It seems much more open.

2015-01-16 12.23.08 2015-01-27 15.31.39 2015-01-27 15.31.46 2015-01-27 15.31.53I moved my Starry Night poster up and over a bit and moved my memo board (the one with the ribbon) above my bulletin board/white board.  I like that I can put pictures, cards, and other mementos in a place that’s easier to see and enjoy.  My monthly calendar (mostly just for assignments) dresses up the post to the left of the bed.

2015-01-27 15.32.03

My dresser hasn’t changed all that much.  I did get a new plant though!  I helped out at a girl scout event and they one of the activities was to plant and learn how to take care of this plant (urg, I can’t remember the name of it!).  I also have a tray underneath the dresser now for wet shoes (when water mixes with road salt, it really looks icky on wood floors).  It actually just the top of one of my plastic totes, but it works.2015-01-27 15.32.21

Our amazing window seat!  Did you spot my new record player?  I got it for my birthday and I love it!2015-01-27 15.32.57 2015-01-27 15.33.12

I also put up my Big Ben poster.  I’ve had it forever (my brother gave it to me for Christmas one year), but hadn’t put it up yet this year in my dorm.  Our room is now very British (my roommate has a British flag, London collage frame, and London artwork on her side of the room).  I keep all of my textbooks to the left of the hutch and all of my journals/books for fun on the inside of the hutch.  2015-01-27 15.33.48

I know it’s not very pretty, but the box at the foot of my bed has provided much needed storage space for my records (need to put that new record player to use, after all!) and binders.  I’m hoping to pretty it up soon (any ideas?).  2015-01-27 15.34.04 2015-01-27 15.35.19 2015-01-27 15.34.24So there it is!  My rearranged dorm room.  As I said in the original post, I really love my room this year.  The windows do get pretty cold in the winter because they aren’t insulated and they don’t appear to be sealed very well, but it is totally worth the amount of sunshine we get all throughout the day.