Photo a Day: Days 78-84

Week 12!

Day 78: A slightly belated but absolutely delicious Thanksgiving meal with new and old volunteer friends.
Day 79: Our cat likes to sleep in the warmth of my room.
Day 80: Preparing vocabulary cards for English Club. The topic was winter holidays.
Day 81: The view from the teacher’s room on a rainy day. There is a huge hole behind the school filled with the remains of a failed construction project to add more wings to the school.
Day 82: Some 7th grade students play dreidel at English Club after we discussed some different winter holidays.
Day 83: 8th grade students perform a hilarious dance/skit at the school’s celebration for Youth Day.
Day 84: The opening act of “Festival-Concurs Constelatia Talentelor” (Festival-Competition Constellation of Talents), which I attended with a bunch of my students and their dance ensemble (they performed later in the evening).