Photo a Day: Days 71-77

Week 11!

Day 71: Our dog, Rochie, sometimes likes to walk to school with me.
Day 72: Our cat discovered he can watch us in the kitchen (his favorite room) from the window.
Day 73: My host mom often leaves me boiled eggs on the days she leaves the house before I wake up. This morning, she also left me a note!
Day 74: We celebrated Hram (our Village Day) with a beautiful masa (holiday meal).
Day 75: Fresh rolls, right out of the oven in preparation of Thanksgiving celebrations.
Day 76: In English Club, we made hand turkeys with things we are thankful- I think this student was trying to get on my good side :).
Day 77: Our dog was sad he had to stay home while I went to the capital to celebrate Thanksgiving with other volunteers.