Travel in Moldova: Purcari Winery

Purcari Winery is located in the south-eastern part of the country and is the oldest wine estate in Moldova.  Because of it's proximity to the Black Sea, it has a unique ecosystem ideal for growing the grapes, especially for red wine.  Vineyards in the this area of the country were first planted around the 12th … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: Purcari Winery

Travel in Moldova: Ţîpova & Orhei Vechi

We spent part of a day exploring two amazing cave monasteries in the north-eastern part of Moldova, Ţîpova and Orhei Vechi.  I've visited both before (see my previous post about Orhei Vechi here, and my previous post about Ţîpova here). We began with Ţîpova, located between Soroca and Orhei Vechi.  This cave monastery consists of three complexes.  The … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: Ţîpova & Orhei Vechi

Travel in Moldova: Soroca

Soroca is a small city in the far north of Moldova.  While it's pretty far from Chisinau, Moldova's capital, the roads are pretty decent (at least for Moldova) and it is easy to see the main sights within a fairly short period of time.  We spent a very, very hot afternoon exploring Soroca, visiting the … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: Soroca

Travel in Moldova: My Village

After flying to Moldova, my parents drove their rented car to my village, where we spent the next three days.  This was one of the best parts of our trip, not because of all the cool sites we saw (although there were visits to our public library, my school, and walks to some sunflower fields) … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: My Village

Travel in Moldova: Overview

Our trip to Romania was book ended by time spent in Moldova, where I live and work.  Because our time in Moldova was split into two parts, the posts will not be in any particular order.  When my parents arrived, they first came to my village for a few days to spend some time with … Continue reading Travel in Moldova: Overview