Last Days as a Teacher in Moldova

The second graders: I actually only taught half of these kids, but we did a combined lesson on the last day.
Half of the second graders I taught this year.

This past week I wrapped up my time as an English teacher in this wonderful country of Moldova. For the past two years, I have taught English to 262 students in 2nd through 9th grade alongside my two amazing partner teachers, Ina and Liuba. I have spent at least 1,600 hours at school teaching and planning with my partners. I couldn’t have asked for a better placement: I have loved my school, my community, and my village.

One of the 3rd grade classes that I taught this year.
The other 3rd grade class that I taught this year.

My students weren’t always well-behaved, didn’t always do their homework, and sometimes wouldn’t stop chatting when they were supposed to be quiet, but every second was worth it, and I loved working with them.

The fourth grade class. I only worked with half of them this year, but worked with all of them last year.
One of my 5th grade classes. I worked with them both this year and last year.

When things got tough (and when you’re a Peace Corps volunteer, there are plenty of tough moments), they reminded me of why I am here and encouraged me, made me laugh, or just happened to say something I really needed to hear.

My other 5th grade class. I also worked with them both this year and last year.
My 7th graders. I worked with them both years.

When I think of leaving in just over a month, I tear up thinking of saying goodbye to this village, but especially to these kids. So many of them are motivated, talented, and hard-working, and I’m sad that I won’t get to see them grow up or how their lives unfold. I hope that each of their futures are full of happiness, success, and that they know how much I enjoyed working with them.

One of my 8th grade classes (about half the students escaped before I could get a picture- though it appears the whole class is girls, there are 3 boys as well). I worked with these students both years, and many of them came to English Club.
My other 8th grade class. I worked with them both years and several of them came to English Club as well.

On the last couple of days of lessons, we played some games, sang, and had fun. I took a picture with each of my classes, though apparently a lot of students just don’t show up the last week of school, so a lot of students are missing. I’ll miss them so much!

*Not pictured: the current 6th grade students that I taught last year as 5th graders (I didn’t teach them this year), the current 9th graders (I only taught them for 2 or 3 months last year when they were in 8th grade and didn’t teach them this year, but several of them came to my English Club), and both of the 9th grade classes I taught last year (they’ve since graduated from our school and moved on to high school, vocational school, or work).