Cleaning Day

Each spring, a week or so before Easter, the students at my school are responsible for cleaning up outside around the school and around the village.  Each grade level is assigned one part of town (for example, the soccer field, around the school, the cemetery, the location of a monument, etc.) and spend the afternoon getting things ready for the holiday.

Our Cleaning Day was this past Monday.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful warm day and the work was completed in a couple of hours.  I was assigned to be photographer and walked all around the village with our adjunct director and my site mate.  It was the perfect afternoon to be outside (and I even got my first minor sunburn of the year!).  While some of the older students waited for the tractor to come to pick up the brush that had been cleared, some of the students played volleyball with one of our older teachers (formerly the French teacher, she’s retired but still teaches Religion at the school).

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Day

    1. I love it too! The students who worked hard got a civics grade as well- the idea of volunteering or community service here is pretty rare, so my school director is trying to teach the students the importance of it.

  1. The children look like they are enjoying themselves. The picture of students cleaning the graves of known and unknown romanian soldiers fallen near the village is touching. Thank you for sharing it.

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