Open Lessons

Yesterday, my partner Ina and I taught an open lesson with one of our 5th grade classes.  What is an open lesson?  It’s essentially an observed lesson, but it is more important and more orchestrated than any observed lesson I’ve seen in the United States.  The lesson is expected to be perfect, with interesting and active activities, and both a school administrator and other teachers from the school observe.  Sometimes, if the school has a “control” or audit, people from other schools or from the ministry of education may also observe.

Our lesson’s topic was “I Love Nature”.  Our adjunct director, my other partner teacher, Liuba, and my site mate all attended.  I think it went well overall.  Most of the feedback was positive.  Thanks to my site mate, I finally also have some pictures of me in action here in Moldova!

I have to be honest- I’m not a fan of open lessons here.  The lessons don’t in any way reflect the way teachers usually teach, they take up a lot of time and energy, and they don’t seem to have any real value.  However, it is sometimes nice to observe a lesson and see how other teachers interact with the students or to learn some new methods.