Youth Day

The celebration started off with some poetry.

Last week, our school celebrated Youth Day.  The Student Council made a video and put together an hour-long performance for the 8th and 9th grade students.  I was really impressed by how quickly they put everything together and learned the dances and songs!

This song was titled “Ana” and in it, a girl is in love and wants to go out dancing. Her mother/grandmother doesn’t want her to go, but in the end joins in and dances with them. It was absolutely hilarious!
The main performance- here some boys dressed up as mothers argue with their “kids” and tell them they must go to school.
The main performance- the gym teacher has left the students alone, so they dance.
The main performance- the boy in front is in love and is writing a love note.
The main performance- the gym teacher returns and they dance in a train.

There was a mix of some songs, dances, and one big musical skit.  Most of the performances were humorous and they did a great job!  After, there was a short dance for the 8th and 9th graders.