Photo a Day: Days 57-63

Week 9!

Day 57: Dried flowers in the garden
Day 58: Homemade pancakes for breakfast, which I ate with pure maple syrup from home!
Day 59: Students participate in an activity during a homeroom class.
Day 60: Some last fall flowers in the front of our house.
Day 61: After waiting all spring and summer I finally went to the cizmar (cobbler) to get my boots repaired. The cost to get the heels repaired? $2.50
Day 62: Does anyone know what these are? They are found in the forest and my host dad was drying them. The blue ones taste slightly like blueberries but have a pit.
Day 63: The last of the grape harvest, sitting in our courtyard.

5 thoughts on “Photo a Day: Days 57-63

  1. Are the red things maybe rosehips? (măceșe) I just this week found out that rosehips are berries and not part of a rose as I’d always thought. Also I’m coveting your maple syrup. 🙂

  2. The blue ones look like the fruits of Prunus spinosa, blackthorne or porumbar in romanian, so they are very small plums. Both of these plants, dog rose and blackthorne, are shrubs that can be found together at the edge of forests or along the roads.

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