Enjoying the Spring

The snow is gone and the spring is back! Although not as common as they were even a few years ago, this is still one of the forms of transportation around my little village.

Thankfully, the snowstorm a little two weeks ago didn’t last super long, and the weather returned to spring- and summer-like temperatures so the snow had melted within a couple of days.  A couple of larger piles of snow persisted a bit longer, but even those only stuck around maybe a day or two more.  While some cherry trees were certainly damaged, we have fruit starting to form on the one at our house.  We’re hoping that means the tree was far enough along with blossoming when the storm hit that the damage won’t be too severe.

A little trip.

My first week back from Easter break was a bit long.  Like in the United States, students are a bit rowdy and noisy after a break.  Most of that week, however, was spent preparing for a grant presentation.  We took pictures, made a video and powerpoint, and made sure everything was in order.

Beautiful green fields in Boscana.

Last weekend was hot and sunny.  I presented, alongside a Moldovan partner, for a Peace Corps-funded small grant on Saturday morning in the capital.  After, I spent time with other volunteers before catching a rutiera to Boșcana, where my host sister lives.  Later, my host mom joined us and we ate a delicious meal of barbequed chicken and enjoyed the views of the green hills and cows across from us.

The road through Boscana.

On Sunday, we headed back towards Chisinau, visiting a friend of my host mom’s, then headed home on the rutiera.  It was warmer in my village than in Chisinau.

The finished swing!

Last Monday was a Moldovan holiday (Labor Day), so there was no school and most other work places were closed.  I slept in that morning and spent time outside enjoying the warm weather!  My host dad and a neighbor were working on building a nice wooden swing for our patio, which is now finished!