Happy Women’s Day!

If I were asked to name of all of the people here in Moldova who have so helped my experience here a positive one, the list would be long.  One person in particular stands out, though: my host mom.  In August, she (and her husband) welcomed me into their home with open arms.  It take long for her to become my best friend here.  I live in a small village with very few people (especially single ones) my age.  I have been so incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful host mom; she is truly my second mom.

Almost every single night, we sit together and eat dinner and talk, often for hours.  She does my laundry by hand, helps me clean my room, and makes most of my meals.  She buys and makes foods just for me because she knows I like them.  She comes home from each trip to the store with a bag of Albinite, my favorite candy here.  This morning, she gave me a bouquet of flowers to celebrate women’s day and I was touched that she had remembered I had said I love yellow flowers.  When I’m upset or frustrated, she listens to me complain.  She helps me improve my Romanian each and every day.  We’ve talked about everything under the sun, even topics that are often taboo here.  We’ve laughed until we’ve cried.  

Thank you, Tanta Eugenia, for making my time here in Moldova such a beautiful experience.

2 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day!

  1. I can tell you are so thankful from the heart for the blessing you’ve been given in this remarkable and thoughtful woman. So happy you have her in your life.

  2. Very nice accolades,Beth.”. Guess you,re in good hands… We thank God every night

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